Turf Time’s aerification and compaction relief system provides unparalleled benefits to turf surfaces.

Deep Drill Aerification drills holes up to 10″ below the surface which purge toxic gasses and stimulates root growth. Deep Drill & Fill Aerification drills holes 8″ deep and backfills them with the amendment of your choice, thereby modifying the soil profile.


  • Aerification of greens, fairways, tee boxes and driving ranges
  • 18 greens aerified in one day
  • 2+ acres of fairways aerified per day
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs
  • Professional 3-Man Turf Team Crews
  • 13 deep drill aerifiers in our fleet
  • Deep Drill demonstration available upon request
  • References available upon request

Turf Time’s Deep Drill Aerifier applies only 9 pounds per square inch to the surface of the green. The gentle footprint of this aerifier allows aerification of a green anytime the ground is not frozen, including periods of high stress. No ragging, ripping or tearing of greens occurs. The process leaves the greens or fairways unharmed and immediately playable.

The Deep Drill aerifier utilizes a specially designed fluted drill bit. The soil extracted from the aerification conduit arrives at the surface of the green in a pulverized condition. Only a small ant hill type mound of soil residue remains after each penetration. The relatively fine texture of the residue can be easily spread over the playing surface.